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Proteus is designed with three interrelated objectives:
1) to explore the unique communicative and creative parameters of new media
2) to keep pace with journalism’s continued evolution
3) to consider the role of new media at the intersections of varied culture-industries including art, education, information, and entertainment.
Proteus brings together researchers, theorists, and practitioners from art, communication, engineering, and computer science, in the interest of expanding the language, art, culture and theory of interactive narrative.
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One of the primary roles of Proteus is the imagining and testing of innovative communicative forms, providing templates for 21st century “publications” and new media works that uniquely merge textual, visual, and aural components in a manner that will engage media handlers and their audiences both linearly and associatively. The objective is to provide models for managing multiple content channels to a diverse number of media organizations and media makers. Proteus is a partner in the exploration, development, and understanding of new content forms across diverse spheres of activity, including journalism, education, the arts, and entertainment. Proteus engages with both mainstream and alternative media, and bridges the concerns and tactics of artistic, activist and industrial models of production.