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New science club forms on Davie campus

Students majoring in the sciences might want to check out a new organization on the Davie campus.

The Health, Science and Related Studies Club offers lots of different opportunities for students majoring in biology, psychobiology, psychology, chemistry and other disciplines s to network and exchange ideas with peers who share the same academic goals.

The club's leaders plan to offer an array of opportunities ranging from community service to essential learning activities in related fields.

While some clubs at FAU are cleaning up beaches, the Health, Science and Related Studies club has plans to dive in and clean up some of the coral reefs located offshore.

Also, with the help of fundraisers such as car washes and water sales, the club hopes to take the members on exciting field trips such as visiting the Body Farm – the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility where decomposition is studied, as well as visits to medical examiner’s offices.

The club was founded by Yariel Quiros, a junior biology major who also works as a CPR instructor and plans to offer free training and certification to members of the club.

“The purpose of starting this club was to provide opportunities and experiences that will enrich the lives of club members,” said Quiros, who serves as club secretary.

The club, which doesn't charge a membership fee, encourages students from every FAU campus to join.

The executive board members are President Amal Khallouki, Vice President Daniel Rodriguez and Quiros. The club has 17 members, and the officers anticipate that to grow.

Some of the club’s future plans include providing standardized testing preparation for graduate schools, assistance with applications and tips for success.

“If you are majoring in any of the related fields, this would be the place for you,” Rodriguez said.




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