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Students can train at FAU for a career in fitness
By Josh Whitlock

Florida Atlantic University not only encourages health and exercise on campus, but also provides courses for students to learn a profession in the fitness field. The Boca Raton campus offers two such courses.

The group fitness instructor training course teaches students different group exercises and the proper way to do them. The goal is to provide a general understanding of what training classes consist of and how to teach people to work out in the right way.

“I am glad I am able to work at my own pace,” said Jessica Ewell, 21, a transfer student from Boca Raton. “I feel like I learned so much, even after just the first day.”

Group fitness consists of upbeat music, a variety of exercises and a routine that is catered to each individual’s fitness level. Classes take place in the fitness studios of the Recreation and Fitness Center on campus.

“I exercise at home alot, but coming here to work out with other people is the highlight of my day,” Ewell said.

The classes offered are divided into three levels to determine which class is best fit for each student.

Level one is for students just starting out and trying to get a feel for basic group fitness activities. The second level is for those who are experienced in group fitness exercises doing medium to high physical conditioning. The third level is for students already involved with group fitness classes and are prepared for a high-energy output.

“These classes are great for keeping the heart rate pumping,” said Kristen Burke, 23, of Coral Springs. “I feel like I can run forever now that I know the right way to do it.”

Added Mike Fox, 23, of Boca Raton: “I have always wanted to learn about the right way to lift. I felt that I got the attention I needed right away.”

Other students expressed similar praise for the program.

“I feel that I am getting a full workout now that I am lifting the right way,” said David Akiva, 20, a student from Boca Raton. “The harder I work the stronger I feel."

The other class, a personal trainer prep course, focuses on students who want to become personal trainers by teaching them how to interact with potential clients, provides technique instruction and other important skills and traits needed to become trainers. After passing the class, students can become certified personal trainers at FAU.

Students seeking instruction can sign up for various packages to work out with personal trainers. With an initial consultation, a trainer is able to determine which exercises are best for each individual, and he or she will develop a personalized training regimen.




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