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TV enthusiast turns pastime into a group experience

Alex Brahm, a Florida Atlantic University freshman, is content never leaving his bed and watching television all day long. Realistically, he has school he has to attend, work, homework and membership in a fraternity.

But all his spare time is dedicated to his TV. This is why, he figured, why not start a television watching club?

Brahm, a freshman from Palm Beach Gardens who is studying graphic design, has for a long time been an enthusiast of TVs, games and electronics. He wants one day to create cartoons or video games.

Brahm and his best friend, Jake Arisa, also a freshman and studying communication, created a TV commercial about playing video games all day. It was entered into a competition PlayStation promoted on its Web site.

The winner of the competition was to get $10,000 and a chance to have his or her dreams come true with the airing of the commercial.

“It took us almost six months to make, and needless to say we did not win, but we did come in eighth place. That still means a lot since we were up against thousands,” Arisa said.

Now Brahm and Arisa’s new project is the fledgling TV club.

“I can’t wait to add this one to my resume – starting a TV club at FAU. I hope it catches on. For people who aren’t in any groups or clubs on campus, this is a great way to get know people just like us – whose TVs are on 24/7,” Brahm said.

The startup club meets once a week with popcorn and other snacks to watch episodes of different shows that range from Family Guy to Law and Order.

“Good things usually happen in my spare time. I made an awesome commercial, and now I started a club," Brahm said. "I hope to give other students like myself the chance to just relax once a week with other friends and laugh while not moving from the couch."




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