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For education students, assessment goes high-tech

Florida Atlantic University's College of Education has joined the nationwide trend of texting with the recent addition of LiveText, an online digital notebook and assessment tool used for measuring learning and remaining accountable for accreditation needs.

“Since 1997, LiveText has been the leading provider of online tools and consulting services for colleges and universities who face the challenges of measuring learning assessment," said Victoria Guzzo, a communication representative for LiveText.

Last year, legislators announced that higher learning institutions would be given a year to choose a program that would provide evidence of students work and prove they are qualified to enter the education field and begin teaching.

Valerie Bristor, dean of the College of Education, decided to partner with LiveText after meeting with Ramelle Riley, LiveText Florida consultant at the Florida Association of Colleges for Teacher Educators.

“They were impressed with the LiveText solution as well as the other institutions that LiveText currently works with, Guzzo said.

In an October letter to students, Bristor wrote: "You will have opportunities to chronicle practicum experiences, internships and work-based learning in a professional manner. You will also be able to collaborate with professors, advisors, and classmates and receive the feedback you need to grow both academically and professionally."

She added: Without added cost, you can now quickly prepare hassle-free customized electronic portfolios for online presentations of specific skill sets and accomplishments. With your work available 24/7 from any internet-connected workstation, you will no longer need to purchase external jump drives!"

Patty Kirsch, the director of assessment, said the software impressed decision-makers.

“We chose LiveText because all the community colleges in South Florida require enrolled students to use it. Therefore, those who transfer to FAU are already prepared," Kirsch said. "We were impressed with the storage capacity and video capabilities.”

All class work and assignments can be authored on the LiveText website for instant review from professors and members nationwide. It’s convenient and eliminates the wait for feedback in office hours or weekly class meeting, educators say.

“The College of Education has been under the microscope for the past 10 years. We used to provide large bins of work, but the college is trying to become paperless,” Kirsch said.

LiveText is $98 for students and is purchased as if it were a textbook, either online at Livetext.com or at the campus bookstore.




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