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Florida Atlantic University New Disciples heading for a comeback

Mackayla Carr, the recently elected president of FAUND and a public administration major, has arranged many events and proposed others to boost the impact of FAUND within the FAU student community.

FAUND is FAU’s oldest member of United Campus Ministries. FAUND stands for Florida Atlantic University New Disciples, and is one of the many student religious clubs on campus.

FAUND is also a play on words, meaning those who join are now found and not lost.

“I was a member of FAUND when the club first started, and throughout the decades the club’s involvement on and off campus has greatly decreased,” says Emily Newerski, director of United Campus Ministries.

Carr is well aware of the hurdles the club faces in attempting a comeback, but believes it can do it.

“Our organization is the longest uninterrupted organization on campus to date,” says Carr. “We are revamping our outreach system this time around, holding many functions, retreats and fundraisers. Appealing to all students, even those not involved in campus ministry, is important to us because we have to make our mark.”

In 1983, FAUND became the first Christian organization on FAU’s campus. “Now we are a smaller club, and basically starting over,” explains Carr. “Due to cuts in funding, we were unable to do what FAUND was known for in the past, but this time around we are going to get things going in the right direction.”

The organization held a successful retreat in the fall, and this semester, FAUND was at Bishop Brian Williams Conference in Fort Lauderdale.

FAUND also is hosting weekly Bible study on the Boca Raton campus. Locations will vary. For information consult the FAU Web site, www.fau.edu, where postings will be in the student clubs and organizations section.

“The members of FAUND are really enthusiastic about the new direction of the club and potential impact among the student body,” says Bissereth. FAUND members have successfully created a buzz about the club with their constant presence in the Breezeway during peak hours. There they have Bible-related challenges for students and give out prizes.

FAUND members also have been raising money, sponsoring bake sales and other promotions. So far, more than $3,000 has been raised to help make FAUND once again the most popular Christian organization on campus.




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