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Trolley service aids Lifelong Learning Society at FAU's Boca Raton campus

With the 2009 winter session in full swing, students taking classes with the Lifelong Learning Society in Boca Raton find themselves concerned with more than just the content of their classes.

There is a "major parking problem," according to Virginia Huntzinger, the interim assistant provost of the program.

With an average age of 72, lifelong learners who drive to campus often use a walker, a cane or a wheelchair to get from the parking lot to the classroom. They have to park far away, much of the time crossing a busy street.

“It’s a very real problem,” Huntzinger said.

“We often take school for granted, and they make a big effort to attend classes,” she said.

The organization recently started to provide easier access for the students, most of whom who have a long walk to class.

Molly’s Trolleys is now available to transport students in higher-volume classes from parking lot 12 to the Lifelong Learning building. The 1920’s-style trolleys are used to shuttle students to specific large classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Some of the large classes include Spirituality in the Cinema, Islam and American Muslims, and Great Decisions 2009.

“The idea is to open up parking for other smaller classes,” said Molly Stahlman, president of Molly’s Trolleys.

Stahlman said the response from the riders has been positive.

“They remark how cute and clean the trolleys are kept and are pleased with the direct service,” she said.

Huntzinger believes the trolley system is a good start to the parking issue. She is currently working to develop other ways to fix parking difficulties.




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