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Housing lottery begun because of increased demand

Housing and Residential Life has implemented a lottery system for students who are looking to return to on-campus housing in Fall 2009.

The reason for the lottery system is the increase in the number of housing applications as FAU increases in popularity. There simply isn’t enough room to house all students who have applied to live on campus, said Lauren Adamo, resident coordinator for Heritage Park Towers North.

“We are looking for a way to accommodate an increase in returning students and freshmen, especially since freshmen are required to live on campus," Adamo said.

There are 1,500 beds available for students to live on campus, and 800 of these spots are reserved for returning residents. This number is compiled from previous years' demand, when 900 returning students would apply and 700 actually would fulfill their contracts.

Returning students have the option of living in Algonquin Hall and University Village Apartments, with a limited number in Indian River Towers.

Priority in assigning lottery numbers was given to 600 sophomores who live out of area or more than 50 miles from FAU.

Many students are confused and even angry at the lottery system. Yet some, like rising sophomore Jesse Maruca are pleased with receiving low lottery numbers, virtually guaranteeing housing.

“I’m really happy that I got a low lottery number because I’m from Pennsylvania and living off campus is not an option for me,” he said.

Other students weren’t lucky enough to receive low lottery numbers, and will have more difficulty in obtaining housing, such as junior Michael Mejia.

“I don’t understand why they had to implement this lottery system, I’ve been living on campus since my freshman year,” he said. “I won’t have anywhere to go if I don’t get on-campus housing.”

FAU is not the first to utilize a lottery system; big state schools such as the University of Florida and Florida State University currently have such systems in place.

The lottery system might only be temporary. FAU plans to open a new residence hall in the Innovation Village Complex by the Fall of 2010.




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