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"You got Owled” brings laughs to FAU

Playing pranks on Florida Atlantic University students comes naturally to producer and creator of new comedy show “You got Owled.”

Christopher Swain, 20, has completed two shows – with with more playful pranks in the making. Christopher and his prank team are setting up moments of mayhem with the hopes that laughter will follow from their selected victims.

“Every Owl TV employee has to come up with one show per semester, and my idea was to create 'You Got Owled.' I go around and mess with the students of FAU. It’s hard sometimes with people and their commitment, but things are coming along and we’re working hard over here in production.”

The most memorable of the current two episodes in rotation is what Chris calls the golf cart prank. The cunning trick involved students being asked to watch the Owl TV golf cart for a fellow employee. Another Owl TV employee then proceeds to jump in the cart and drive off while students’ reactions are recorded. Saul Gelin, 24, was the culprit thief who took part in the pranks that day.

"One guy even jumped in the cart and started choking Saul, but most everyone ended up laughing when we told them it was just a show,” Swain said.

An overall positive response to all the pranks showed a humorous side to the FAU campus, although one slip up with the law almost landed the producers in some hot water.

“There was a situation with the Police Department where they almost pulled a gun on us for our prank. Nowm however, as long as we make them aware of what we’re doing that day and they approve there will be no issues or incidents,” Swain said.

“Web Crap” is also a new creation of Swains in which he selects the most funny and nonsensical videos he can find to place on Owl TV for laughs and comments. As a film major, Christopher also plans to create his own short clips to be broadcast on Owl TV, no doubt to generate more laughter and classic antics for student enjoyment.

“It’s a laugh to work with Chris,” says Saul Gelin, 24. “He’s never really 100 percent serious. He’s a jokester pretty much, but he’ll get everything done.”

“Quite frankly when you work with Chris you never know what to expect, “ said Harold Petion, 20. “Whenever you’re around Chris, you know something crazy is going to happen.”




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