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FAU Film Club is back after two-year hiatus

The FAU Film club is back in action. After two years of setbacks and lack of quality projects, the club hopes to make its ultimate comeback with its upcoming project, "Boca Rush."

“This film will hopefully gain people’s faith back,” said David Serketich, the club’s vice president.

The film club, founded in 2004, took a step backward during the one-week shooting of Beatnik Chronicles in 2007.

“There were so many conflicts during filming that the project has yet to be edited together,” Serketich said. “The club’s credibility was questioned.”

During the two years that followed, the club experienced lack of leadership and declining membership.

“We had meetings where only two people would show up,” said David Levine, current film club president. “And then our president quit in the middle of the semester. It was discouraging.”

This year, the FAU film club has been trying to bring forth a new vision through the eyes of a brand new camera.

“We were granted $2,000 for our very own camera,” said Ryan Kaplan, a FAU alumnus and former film club president. “We bid for the funds and the student government approved,” he said.

“Owl TV would always lend us their camera,” Kaplan said. “They’ve always been very generous to lend us their equipment, everything from lighting kits to batteries.”

“We have the right tools now and a new direction for the club,” Serketich said. “And 'Boca Rush' is going to translate just that. This film will set higher standards.”

The action-packed, college-fun filled film with a twist is expected to debut in the summer and hopefully land a place in a South Florida film festival.

“It’ll be the club’s first film submission,” Serketich said. “It’s going to be our school’s chance to get recognition.”

The film club also plans to hold a screening of their latest projects during orientation week next fall to appeal to incoming freshmen with an interest in movie-making. The club also is in talks with Owl TV to begin broadcasting its films in August.

“We want to make sure the students know that there’s an active club where they can make movies, like a production company,” Levine said. “We want to incorporate all areas of study. We want theatre students, and business majors to do the advertising. Anyone can contribute.”

“We have a great club, with a lot of potential,” Levine said. “And hopefully this summer we’ll get it back on track and up and running in full force.”




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