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New Owl TV station manager making a smooth transition

Newly appointed Owl TV station manager Garrett Astler says he’s ready for the challenge that faces him. Not only does he now have the TV station to run and an assortment of projects to oversee, but a heavy school workload also is a priority.

“I have been able to sustain my studying demands and class attendance. But its not easy taking 14 credits and working 30 to 40 hours a week in the studio,” said Astler, who is currently double-majoring in multimedia journalism and interdisciplinary studies in the Schmidt College of Arts and Letters.

However, Astler thinks his hectic schedule won’t be a problem because he was performing many of the duties of station manager before stepping into the official role.

“He made the transition between the previous manager and himself almost seamless because of his prior knowledge of what needs to be done,” said Marti Harvey, FAU’s director of student media. “I haven’t been in this position long, but even I can still see how well Garrett [Astler] has done with the situation.”

Astler points to staff members at Owl TV for being largely responsible for the smooth transition in management.

“I am lucky that I have a dedicated staff that respects my leadership and recognize that we work as a team,” Astler said. “Although I am in a position of authority, my staff knows that they have a very large say in what goes on at Owl TV.”

Peter Montalbano, advisor to Owl TV, said the students respect Astler because he sets a good example for them not only in his attitude, but also in his actions with the shows he produces.

“Garrett always works well with others. He has no problem getting students to help him with projects,” Montalbano said.

Astler became interested in the Owl TV the moment he learned FAU had a campus television station.

“In high school, I was on the televised morning announcements. I also did other work in video production, and I really had enjoyed that,” he said.

He transferred from Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth in spring 2009 and promptly joined the station. He spent the next year learning the ins and outs of the operation, becoming familiar with the technological side of the job.

During that time, he moved up the ranks, first with the title of production coordinator and then programming director. He produced a few shows of his own called “Swag Cab” and “Boca Bites.” The first was modeled after the Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab, and the second offered reviews of restaurants in the Boca Raton area.

Astler has a few ideas for Owl TV that he hopes to implement as soon as possible. One is live Web streaming of sports and on-campus events. Another idea is possibly designing an iPhone application for the live streaming.

His staff is also starting to work with local businesses, providing professional TV advertising. He hopes projects like that will enable the station to become financially self-sufficient.

“It’s stressful keeping up with multiple projects and events at the same time, but I feel like there really is nothing else I would rather be doing at FAU than this,” Astler said. “Owl TV is what I'm good at and where I belong.”



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