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New master’s degree program is on the drawing boards

The simple renaming of six art courses could be an early indicator of an exciting new master’s program at Florida Atlantic University. The courses, which formerly had ART and ARH prefixes are now being identified with the DIG prefix.

It is just the first of many steps as a proposal moves forward between the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies and the Computer Science and Engineering. If successful, FAU may soon have a joint master of fine arts-master of science degree in Media, Technology and Entertainment.

The more aptly named digital media course designations are now known under the following names:

DIG 3305C Fundamentals of 3D Computer Animation (formerly ART 2623C)

DIG 3306C Advanced 3D Computer Animation (formerly ART 3617C)

DIG 3253C Digital Audio Recording and Editing

DIG 3323C Advanced 3D Computer Modeling for Animation (formerly ART 3615C)

DIG 4026 History & Theory of Computer Arts and Animation (formerly ARH 4770)

DIG 4394C Advanced Digital Compositing for Animation (formerly ART 4616C)

DIG 4950C Portfolio in Computer Arts and Animation (formerly ART 4950C)

All of those courses are only offered at the downtown Fort Lauderdale campus and will likely continue to only be offered at that campus until the demand increases.

“While enrollments are healthy, students have not yet found themselves being closed out of classes,” said Eric Freedman, associate director of the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies.

The courses are being taught by a faculty of three with the help of two graduate teaching assistants.



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