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Communication major makes Star-Spangled appearances at FAU

Gracing America's music scene since her 1999 self-titled debut album, Christina Aguilera has established herself as one of today's pop icons. However, her recent Super Bowl performance of The Star-Spangled Banner left many Americans thinking anything but "iconic."

Halfway through the anthem, Aguilera repeated the line, "What so proudly we watched, at the twilight's last gleaming" in place of the original line of "O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming."

To say the very least, Aguilera wasn't very well-received. While there were a select few who didn't even realize the flub, many viewers took to Twitter, Facebook and other various social-networking websites to spread the news.

One Florida Atlantic University student, Christine Carpenter, empathized with the singer. Carpenter also is an aspiring singer who regularly performs The Star-Spangled Banner at various events.

"I know the rush I get every time I sing that song, and sometimes your mind does go blank. I honestly feel bad for her. People are so critical of her messing up one line in the song as if she butchered our nation's integrity," Carpenter said.

Carpenter has been singing since she was in the sixth grade, starting by auditioning for the main role in her elementary school's Christmas program. That role that sparked her interest in a potential music career.

After excelling in the program, Carpenter decided to transfer to a school that had an advanced choral program, allowing her to take vocal lessons. "They really focused on honing the skills that I needed to be a performer," she said.

The largest number of people in front of which she has sung has been about 16,000 at her church, Christ Fellowship, in Palm Beach Gardens -- a staggering number for someone who considers herself a "novice" in the industry.

The Star-Spangled Banner has become somewhat of a specialty for Carpenter. She noted she performed the national anthem at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., in front of a crowd of 7,000.

Carpenter's also voice has gained attention from Florida Atlantic University's athletic department, and she has performed for university's home basketball games.

"I guess I have sort of become FAU's go-to girl for events," Carpenter says.

For the present, national anthem performances take up most of Carpenter's musical calendar. Representatives from the university have approached her about possibly singing at the grand opening of the new on-campus stadium in the fall.

"Music is my passion, and if I don't pursue it now while I have nothing to lose, I'll regret it forever. My parents are being generous by funding my musical ventures and helping me in pursuing a potentially full-time career," Carpenter says.

While she continues to work on her multimedia journalism major, she also works toward a minor in commercial music. She's also working on a demonstration tape to submit to FAU's Hoot/Wisdom Records.



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