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Public safety, urban design new majors; German language and literature dropped

The Board of Trustees' Committee on Academic and Student Affairs has announced that Florida Atlantic University will add two bachelor's degree programs and end one, as well.

Bachelor's degrees in public safety administration and urban design will be available beginning in the fall. The bachelor's degree in German language and literature will be terminated.

"The university provost's office has always worked with each college to monitor student demand for new programs, as well as those that are no longer deemed necessary," said Diane Alperin, the interim provost.

The bachelor's degree in public safety administration was designed to help meet the increasing need for trained public safety and emergency personnel. The degree will require courses in all the schools in the College for Design and Social Inquiry.

"I was always interested in working public safety," said David Cairo, 23, a senior from Boca Raton. "I might actually change my major now."

The bachelor's degree in urban design was designed for students who are interested in the design of populated urban areas. It requires courses in the School of Urban and Regional Planning and the School of Architecture.

"We are projecting 100 students in the public safety program and 30 in urban design for the fall semester," Alperin said.

As for German language and literature, only three students are enrolled as majors. Low interest and the minimal number of degrees in the major prompted officials to terminate the program. The three students will not be adversely affected.

German language courses still will be offered, and students will still have this option to satisfy the university's foreign language requirement.

"The German bachelor's program has followed national trends of decline for the past several years," said Michael Horswell, chair for the Department of Linguistics.



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