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Why Do You Keep Talking About “Race”?

Fear is the one emotion I didn’t expect to feel when I launched the Race and Change oral history project in the year 2000 – a 21st century look at race in the U.S. from the personal point of view.
I planned to interview a cross-section of people on race and ethnic relations and they understood that their life stories would be preserved in the historical archives and shared with others on TV, radio, and the Web. Talking to strangers was not my problem. For a couple of decades before my academic career I had made a living as a journalist, knocking on the doors of others’ lives to gather information. Talking about “race” in America [...]

Writing Hopefully About “Race”

I remember my first time.  My maiden voyage from segregation to an integrated life began with a notice on the bulletin board at my neighborhood recreation center in Jacksonville, FL, asking for teenage volunteers for a Black voter registration drive.  I was 16 and hoping to meet college boys.  The twelve of us, mostly Whites [...]

Talking About “Race” Across Generations and Ethnicities

Meditations Of An Aging Civil Rights Child: Baby Boomers The first wave of Baby Boomers is in the stage of life I call the passage beyond middle age.  Even the diehard health fanatics among us must concede that we’re way past the halfway point.  Heck, considering the vices and upheavals that marked our era, many [...]


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