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"Voices of Race and Change"

Spotlighting Palm Beach County, Florida

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Growing up and settling in 

Growing up White in Delray Beach (Butch Harrison)

A South Bay farm worker plants roots (Lexie M. Childs)

Black class structure in Belle Glade (Barbara Bell-Spence)

1960s school integration memories

A White student’s view  (Susan Hurlburt)

A Black student’s view (Barbara Bell-Spence)

A racial dilemma (Susan Hurlburt)

Ethnic diversity - then and now

Black/White/Asian interactions in Delray Beach
(Butch Harrison)

A Cuban’s view of Pahokee and Lake Okeechobee
(Armando Perez)

Haitian diversity in Delray Beach (Joe Bernadel)

Haitian role models (Joe Bernadel)

Racial healing and change

A White man’s view (Butch Harrison)

A Black woman’s view (Geri Spain)

Other stories
Segregation-era memories

Georgia lynching

Separate bathrooms

Harvey Poole Sr.
Harvey Poole Sr.

Lexie M. Childs
Lexie M. Childs

Barbara Bell-Spence
Barbara Bell-Spence

Armando Perez
Armando Perez


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