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Youth Outreach Project - Audio Stories & Transcripts

These stories are on “Voices of Race and Change: The Younger Generation” channel, University ITunes
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Selected Program Descriptions - Florida Atlantic University Students

Black Racial Identity

African American student discusses the struggle she faces connecting to peers in her racial group. She feels pressure to racial identify and fit into a “mold” that others have formed regarding her racial group

Indian Women Today

A young Asian American woman talks about how she deals with the generational and cultural differences she encounters with people of her own ethnicity. She explains how choosing to live a contemporary American lifestyle over her traditional Indian customs has influenced her point of view on race relations.

Race in the History Classroom

Dr. Derrick White, an author and professor of African American history, discusses the absence of minority experiences from the overall American history narrative. He talks with Kayla Rapan about why it is important for students to learn about these experiences in their history classes and he tells us how he addresses the students who are reluctant to discuss race.

“Ethnicities and New Media”

Veronica Alvarez talks to Wayne Filowitz, CEO of WRPBiTV, an internet news show broadcasted out of South Florida, talks about his experience in the news media industry and how race issues and the portrayal of non-white ethnicities impacts media.

Teens Talk

A Guatemalan Experience

An 18-year-old Guatemalan talks about straddling the cultural line while growing up, interaction with his culturally-different peers, and how his life compares with his parents because of his upbringing in the U.S. Dane Taylor is the interviewer.

A Haitian Confronts Bullying

This report is from Louidor Dickenson, an 18-year old Haitian high school student from Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Dickenson, as he prefers to be called, moved to the US from Haiti, and has been here for nine years. He talks about the challenges of adjusting to life in America, especially the language barrier and bullying. Ryan Tober does the interview.

Memories of Haiti and Earthquake

Jenna Nicholson, a young American white woman, finds out what it was like growing up in Haiti, deal with such a devastating earthquake, and leave your family, and the changes of coming to America.

Mexican-American: Overlooked & Undervalued

Seventeen year old high school junior Karen Hernandez is a typical American teen. She likes to spend time with her friends and enjoys playing soccer and volleyball. Her favorite class is Spanish for Native Speakers 3 for which she earns honors credits. She shares the challenges she faces with discrimination for being Mexican although she is a United States citizen born in Delray Beach, Florida. FAU studentVeronica Alvarez is the interviewer.

Spanish With A Spanish Accent

FAU student Vanessa Heredia introduces a 15-year old Colombian- Brazilian who shares her story of struggle having a Spanish accent although she was born in the United States. Alanna Monteiro only speaks Spanish at home which has caused her to develop an accent when speaking English.

The American Haitian Experience

Wilbert St. Ford is a 20 year old Haitian American who was born in the U.S. and has lived here his whole life. Although he is technically an American, people still assume he is new to the country and they have their prejudices. He has dealt with racism on some occasions but overall people have been very accepting. In fact, his best friends are Caucasian and Hispanic. Mark Gibson is the interviewer.

Oral History Student Podcasts

The following programs feature archival interviews in the Race and Change Oral Histories archive in Special Collections at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Archival interviews can also be found in the book, Voices of America: Race and Change in Hollywood, Florida.

Am I Middle Eastern ( “What Are You?”)

Narrator Kayla Rapan discusses how her multi-ethnic background was once a source of confusion and insecurity. She recalls the event that brought her closer to self-acceptance and to her Middle Eastern family. An archival oral history is included. For more on this interview, visit the Race and Change Oral Histories archive.

Childhood Encounters with Race (“Why Can’t We Be Friends?” and “Through A Child's Eyes”)

Veronica Alvarez, an Hispanic college student, talks about one of her first experiences with race issues when she was best friends with a black girl in elementary school. She discusses how one particular encounter changed the way she interacted with people in the future. An archival oral history is included. Ryan Tober recalls his childhood experience as the only White youngster at arts camp. An oral history tells about meeting someone of a different race, and what that means in society. An archival oral history is included. For more on this interview, visit the Race and Change Oral Histories archive.

Colombian Language Differences (“Pressure to Fit ‘The Mold’”)

Vanessa Heredia discusses the pressure she faces to fit “the mold” others have formed of her Colombian descent. She addresses the assumptions many make of her and how she is dealing with it today. An archival oral history is included. For more on this interview, visit the Race and Change Oral Histories archive.

White Students on Race (“Parents’ Views Differ” and “Both Sides of Class” )

Despite growing up hearing negative remarks by elders about people of color, Jenna Nicholson’s views have changed over time. In some ways they have also changed. In some ways she is like her parents but she has developed her own attitudes are race. An archival oral history is included. An archival oral history is included. Dane Taylor, a white college student, touches on a personal experience with race and class when he was growing up. He compares it with the archival oral history of an African American who grew up in South Florida during the 1960’s. For more on these two archival interviews, visit the Race and Change Oral Histories archive.

Video of Bob Gossett and Greg Samuel at http://youtu.be/HY-qLp1ZpFw.

A Chilean on Prejudice (“Different Cultural Views”)

Angelo Valderrama recalls an encounter with racial and cultural differences after immigrating to America from Chile and contrasts his experiences with the archival oral history of a Cuban immigrant. For more on this interview, visit the Race and Change Oral Histories archive.


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