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Youth Outreach Project - Voices of Race & Change:
The Younger Generation

The Youth Outreach Project of the Race and Change Initiative is an innovative media dialogue on contemporary race relations among college students and teenagers in culturally-diverse South Florida. These young storytellers produce programs on a range of topics for the University ITunes channel “Voices of Race and Change: The Younger Generation.”

A variety of newer immigrant voices in the Palm Beach County area - including Mexicans, Brazilians, Haitians, and Guatemalans –join the conversation for a 21st Century look at race relations in the U.S. and global perspectives as well.

The stories reflect contemporary experiences with race and ethnicity from the perspective of younger people’s lives and the experiences of their peers and their elders, creating an innovative model for how we can expand the dialogue on differences in the U.S. across generations and cultures in candid, hopeful ways.

Student commentators are under the direction of Dr. Kitty Oliver, an author, TV producer, and adjunct professor of oral history writing and race and ethnicity who directs the Race and Change Initiative in Florida Atlantic University’s School of Communication and Multimedia Studies.

The Youth Outreach Project is funded largely by the Knight Fund of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties, and New Visions Educational Foundation, Inc.


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