About the "Race & Change Project"

The Race and Change Project, under the direction of Professor Kitty Oliver and Florida Atlantic University, was designed to explore race relations and experience the magic of oral history.  Since 2000, memories have been collected in a number of South Florida communities.

This project is dedicated to promoting understanding in South Florida's multicultural climate of African Americans, Whites, Hispanics, Caribbeans and Asians as well as Native Americans.  "The Lift Every Voice Writing Project" is designed to teach and help others write their personal and family memories and collect stories in their cultural communities. For more information about these and other projects visit http://www.kittyoliveronline.com/oralhistory.html.

In 2004, the Race and Change project also allowed the students to interview individuals who had been long-time residents of Delray Beach before and after segregation.  The narrators came from all walks of life and from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

There were a total of eleven students involved in this project.  The students formed teams of two or sometimes three equipped with tape recorders and still and video cameras.  Some of the interviews were featured in a video documentary; some are featured on this Website; and the other interviews were incorporated into individual writing projects.    

All of the interviews and visuals are in the archives of the  the African American Research Library and Cultural Center as well as the Delray Beach Historical Society. 

Professor Oliver has devoted part of her life to race relations work and oral history; she understands the richness it brings to a community. Her vision, love and passion for the subject matter is passed on to each of her students.